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CD Cover Blue Deja Vu
Released on Papa records e.K.


  1. Lefkosa Nights (E. Meszelinsky) 7:22
  2. Sir John (A. Wegener) 5:19
  3. Rumba de Cartagena (R. Hamacher) 6:32
  4. Rainy Day Waltz (A. Wegener) 3:18
  5. He is Gone (E. Meszelinsky) 5:46
  6. Open Water (A. Wegener) 5:30
  7. The Noise Starts (E. Meszelinsky) 4:18
  8. Alone (E. Meszelinsky) 6:03
  9. Tell Me the Truth (E. Meszelinsky) 4:35
  10. Blue Deja Vu (A. Wegener) 4:49
  11. May I Ask You (A. Wegener) 9:18


  • Eckhard Meszelinsky - sax, electric and acoustic guitar
  • Andreas Wegener - piano, synthesizers, accordion, bass, vocals, arrangement & programming
  • Rainer Hamacher - electric and acoustic guitar, slide guitar


  • Achim Seifert - bass (3, 6, 8)
  • Joachim Rzychon - bass (1, 7)
  • Diethard Stein - drums (1, 4, 5, 7, 11)
  • Sebastian Winne - drums (3, 6, 8, 9, 10)
  • Mario Argandona - percussion
  • Joscho Stephan - acoustic guitar (11)
  • Kim Howbridge - vocals (10)


  • Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Blue Deja Vu at Leverkusener Jazztage Studio, 2015
  • Mastering: Marko Schneider / Skywalk Mastering / Imagion AG
  • Cover Art: Irene Ypenburg /
  • Print: purpur GmbH, Köln

Buy now!

Obtainable as from 16th November onwards at the Mecky Events shop!

If you are visiting the 36. Leverkusener Jazztage, we are happy to tell you, that you can get the new CD there!

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Déjà Vu found its beginnings in 1975 in Germany during the ‘krautrock’-era, although the band focussed mainly on the international progressive and jazzrock music. In 1977, Déjà Vu produced and released their first album, Cosmic Zack. The band’s fan community grew quickly, after a few years however, their lifespan was soon to end like many other bands in the 1970s. Luckily though, the three pioneers of the band, Eckhard Meszelinsky, Andreas Wegener and Rainer Hamacher, never lost touch.

In the meantime, Hamacher enjoyed success as an acclaimed soloist in various formations while Wegener joined the celebrated Cologne group Bläck Fööss. When Meszelinsky subsequently took over the renowned Leverkusener Jazztage festival in 1996, Déjà Vu got together once again but it was not to last long.

Eventually, while together at the jazz festival again in 2007, the three band members decided to collaborate once more. Meanwhile, however, their band name had come under the ownership of an American band explaining the reason for the now, new name, Blue Déjà Vu which is coincidently also the name of one of these album tracks.

Blue Déjà Vu is the inspiration of three individuals who, together, have created a completely original and inventive sound. Perfect harmonies, concise, anthem-like melodies together with Hamacher’s incomparable solos, merge the three artists to a distinctive sound creating a feeling of pure joy in not just a few artrock fans.

On this production they have gathered the combined support of old and new friends on bass, drums and percussion.

The Band

Eckhard Meszelinsky
Eckhard Meszelinsky
Photo by Uwe Miserius
Andreas Wegener
Andreas Wegener
Photo by Gibson Girl Photography
Rainer Hamacher
Rainer Hamacher
Photo by Reinhold Deutzmann

Video: Rainy Day Waltz


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